A radical solution that was so desperately needed to change our education-to-work landscape is now on the brink of collapse.  TVET idea was sparked by huge demand.  It was made possible by a political will brave enough to face criticism back then.

Despite the challenges, TVET enrollers grew slow and steady.  Their graduates began to be noticed both by employers and business communities alike for their on-the-job skills, and for their higher than usual entrepreneurial aptitude.

Today TVET is about to be destroyed by politics, driven by a different kind of ‘will’, ie the ‘willingness’ to forsake the future of our youth’.

Their mission is simple.

A vision once shared by a former Deputy Prime Minister and education minister who is now leading the opposition coalition must not be cherished.  On the contrary, it must be condemned.

The demand for skilled labor and genuine entrepreneurs will only grow with time.  TVET will surely be relaunched, repackaged and relabelled under the new ‘visionary’ minister whose real job is to shamelessly and unapologetically smile in front of reporters and declares, “this is my legacy”.

I guarantee you that.