imagesAnother war movie masterpiece that completes Dunkirk, The King’s Speech and The Darkest Hour unofficial trilogy. Gary Oldman as Britain’s wartime Prime Minister hero was a choice masterstroke with Gary playing Churchill flawlessly and impeccably.

To give you a glimpse, The Darkest Hour chronicled the early days of World War 2, when Hitler’s Nazi hurriedly rampaged through Europe, and Britain (the great empire of the day) seemingly struggled to withhold, the country economically and politically weakened under the failed leadership of Neville Chamberlain. To make matters worse, the newly appointed PM was not very popular in parliament and was less in favor by the British King himself.

The script and the entire setting were beautiful, it manages to bring World War II somber mood, difficulties and anxieties to life. I totally love the war room dramas, the constant arguments between Churchill, PM wannabe Viscount Halifax, and ex-PM Neville Chamberlain.  You don’t get to see this in any other war movie.

The slow but temperamental building up towards the film’s climax i.e, to the famous Churchill’s “we will never surrender!” speech was spot on.

How I wish to see this type of movie produced in Malaysia and made by Malaysian filmmakers. The thorny road to Malaya’s independence in 1957, masterminded by our very own Three Tenors, if chronicled in a similar fashion would have been an awesome project, a film that can truly unite a nation that seems to wither away every second now.

To the war movie buff out there…you seriously need to check this one out pronto.

A definite five-star from me!